History of Grace Chapter No. 239

The men of Triangle Lodge No. 293 envisioned an Order of the Eastern Star Chapter. They contacted and worked with the Grand District Organizer, Sister Marion Martin of District 26 to organize a Chapter. Sister Martin's hard work and determination inspired sixteen men and women to answer the call. The first Information Meeting was held September 26, 2000 at Triangle Lodge No. 293. The Lord blessed this enthusiastic "Study Club." The group continued to meet and continued to study through trials and tribulation for two and one-half years under the guidance of Sister Martin at Triangle Lodge No. 293.

On March 29, 2003 at Triangle Lodge No. 293 under the leadership of the Grand Worthy Matron Dorothy Roberts and Grand Worthy Patron Robert G. Davis, nine women and seven men were initiated. The Chapter was then consecrated and given the name Grace and #239. For one year, Grace Chapter No. 239 remained "Under Dispensation". During the monthly meeting on June 16, 2004, the Grand Worthy Matron, Dorothy Roberts, presented Grace's charter to Nina Jackson.

Grace Chapter No. 239 Charter Members

Nina Jackson, Worthy Matron

Arthur Robinson , Worthy Patron

Letha Robinson, Associate Matron

Robert Hanna, Associate Patron

Karlesta Mitchell, Conductress

Angela Fields, Associate Conductress

Valerie Noel, Secretary

S. Faye Campbell, Treasurer

Denise Stewart, Warder

Kevin Brooks, Musician

Zina Harrison, Marshall

Patricia Carter-Brown, Ruth

Russell Martin, Chaplain

Tommy Campbell, Jr., Chairman of the Trustees

Wathen Montgomery, Jr., Trustee in the South

Rufus Jackson, Jr., Trustee in the North